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Published in Sibyl Magazine 2018

Contributing Article Writer - 2018

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Self Discovery is Life Altering

January 2018
Finding purpose in life is the long time quest of most of us.  This particular story is about one young woman’s journey and what each of you will learn from it will depend on the filters in your own life.  We all see things differently, as each blade of grass and snowflake is unique, so are we.
February 2018
When did you stop listening to your inner voice and, what aren’t you willing to hear?  Intuitive messages are a moment in time and it is easy to miss them.  Such insights come out of the unknown, so don’t go looking for them.  When you are in a quandary, the first thought that pops up is the intuition. Grab it and don’t let it get away.
Self Discovery is Life Altering.
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