About Alma

Alma is a lightworker with with 25 years of experience in energy medicine and shamanic practices.


I use a combination of hands off and light touch. My intent is to create a safe and sacred environment, honouring boundaries, free will, trust and also self responsibility.

Alma's Books

Non-fictional, spiritual in nature and full of real life learning experiences and growth.


What happens when you ‘wake up’ and find you have been following someone else’s dream?  You’ve spent your life trying to please others, live up to their expectations, and in doing so lost your own voice.

If a tree (or  a  person)  falls  in  the  forest  and no one  is  around  to hear, will  it  make  a sound? A philosopher, George  Berkley, has  posed  this question about  a  tree for a long time but what if it is a  person and they are not  heard, will they survive?   This  is  more than a physical happening  -  it  is a metaphor of life  journeys.

Smudging and cleansing is an  ancient art  that  has been used in ceremony for thousands of  years. It  is a symbolic way of clearing spirits, entities,  ghosts   or   just  heavy  stale  and negative  energy  from  buildings and spaces.

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, is a time of extra light and offers time for reflection. I remember how, as a child there was nothing spiritual about any of it.

So  many  people talk  about  the  damaged  inner child  but  in  my case  I  seemed to need to damage my perfect up bringing in order to create lessons and experiential chaos.

Spring Equinox is a time of new beginnings and regeneration when we plant seeds in mother earth as well as infuse our energy bodies with renewed spiritual light.

Have you ever worried about an issue or person then created a story in your mind about a ‘what if’ scenario and for you it becomes real?

My grandfather and his 8 brothers came to Canada from Scotland when they were boys and spread the ‘Lightbody’ name across the prairies in the 1930‘s. I am now the last of our family that carries that name. It took me years to understand the significance of the name.

Mack, my husband, saw me fly - feet off the ground - head down, onto the cement. At first I was in shock, but then I remembered a way to heal myself. 

When your body speaks to you please listen - listen with all your senses, emotions, intuition, thoughts and smells. Our body is one of our best teachers if we honor its power and listen to its messages. It is like a storybook that communicates with us on a constant basis.


Alma in the Media



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Alma's Interview with Kate Delaney

An interview with Nationally syndicated Radio Host, Kate Delaney – aired on America Tonight, Alma talks about her book "You are not the Boss of Me" and its significance for people during the COVID-19 pandemic.




Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader



Alma's articles in Sybil Magazine

Alma was selected to publish monthly articles in Sibyl Magazine for the year of 2017 and 2018. As you browse through the pages of this woman-centric, spirituality and awareness magazine, prepare yourself to meet the feminine heart and soul of another woman. Be open and allow Spirit to guide you. Listen with your heart, surrender to softness - allow an interesting title or an intriguing opening phrase or sentence beckon your attention.

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Alma's Interview on Podcast Real Rover

John Craig, author, leader and international host of ‘Real Rover’ Podcast interviewed Alma about her approach to Energy Body Healing.

From the John's introduction to the podcast episode: 
"Medicine Beach lies just across the ocean from Alma Lightbody's home. For thousands of years the first people here knew that healing needs a medicine penetrating far deeper than the physical body alone.  Alma awoke to such energy medicine later in life as a medical technologist more familiar with the allopathic paradigm of treating ills. She combines the pragmatism of a successful entrepreneur with the sensitivity of one who knows that the healing comes from within us ultimately and that we ourselves must determine the conditions of our lives and health." 




Enriching the Quality of Life

What I share in my treatments and books comes from many parts of me; my journeys, education, quests, experiences and embodiment of Shamanic teachings - all with the intent of guiding others physically, emotionally and Spiritually. My goal is to teach people to help themselves.

‘Self discovery is life altering’.


Self Discovery is Life Altering.
Start Your Journey Today.