Shamanic Practices

The journey of the Shaman is one of awakening and transformation. They honour the traditions of their ancestors and the energies of heaven and earth. To them the tradition of spiritual power and knowledge is the vehicle that holds the balance of life in order. They teach about the need of all people to find an order and balance in life and realize there is no quick easy road to enlightenment, it is a way of life - the way of the heart, of stillness, patience, prayer and focus.

The Shamans honour and thank Mother Earth through the use of ceremony and despachos (see pictures above). These prayer bundles are taken to the 'fire', the smoke takes the blessing to the heavens and the ashes return to Mother Earth. Such a ceremony is a major part of my life.

The pathway to help one find this state is the ‘mesa’ (a medicine bundle of sacred stones earned through the rites of passage of the four directions of the medicine wheel). Through the mesa, we connect to the land, reunite with the earth (Pachamama) and call on ancestral knowledge - in that place we find our order and balance. Creating a mesa is a major part of the teachings of the Inca Medicine Wheel, a 2000 year old tradition of power and knowledge. I carry my mesa with pride and share its power with love. The Shaman also teaches us that everything that has happened to us and will happen is carried in our auric field. By working in the auric field illness can be stopped before it enters the physical body. They teach us to ‘step out of the story’, release the past and live in the now.

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