Energy Work

‘Energy work’ is our oldest form of healing and has been used in various therapeutic forms across time and cultures. The body’s seven invisible centres, called chakras that flow up the body from tailbone to crown, have been found as pictures on cave walls, and structures going back thousands and thousands of years.

Everything in the world, including our body is made up of energy waves. We can see our physical body but most of us cannot see the energy system that flows through and around it. An energy worker is trained to sense and feel this energy and channel pure Universal and Earth energy into the patient to help clear and heal a depleted or damaged area of the body. Normally a healthy body is able to do this work on it’s own. It is just as simple as breathing and happens without conscious awareness. Bodies that have been traumatized by accidents, illness, surgery, abuse and so on need help to rebuild and balance their energy fields allowing the mind, body and spirit to return to its natural harmonious state. An example is that we can pump our own gas at a self serve station but sometimes we need an oil change and lube job. That is what the trained energy worker does.

As well as channelling energy to the patient the energy worker helps the patient to release and clear heavy energy from past traumas and emotional issues that can be held for many years. The baggage and weight carried in cell memory is debilitating and stressful. We can learn from a very simple technique that animals use to release stressful issues. When they encounter a fearful event or interaction they experience it fully, and when it is over, shake their body from head to tail for a few minutes. Animals release the experience and naturally adjust their nervous and energetic systems to their normal state. Unfortunately, we as humans, have lost our ability to quickly pull ourselves out of a profound response and release the associated feelings. Instead we retain all cell memory and it burdens us, diminishes our energy, and sometimes makes us ill. The ‘animal reaction’ is a small but powerful example of the value of releasing things that do not serve us.

“Releasing hucha (heavy energy) makes room for dancing, singing and playing.” Don Manuel Quispe, Master Q’ero Medicine Man”

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