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The Investigative Process

We are a strangers to ourselves in many ways. Life can catch us in an illusion, such as the need for a certain person’s approval to shape our character, integrity and honesty. We need to muster the courage to detach from that need. Our world will change when we shatter this illusion and we have to be ready to find the strength and willingness to step out and find our own way.

This search will evolve piece by piece as we set our intent to unravel the mystery of our lives and find ‘who we are’ and ‘who we are not.’ We need to own our reality, and in doing so we will find the reason certain issues have tracked us through life. For instance, if we are negative, we attract negativity. Where did it begin? Is it from family habits or embedded fear, or is it from anger and fear created from our own thoughts?

When we recognize where it comes from, we can release ourselves from the source by installing a new core belief system in opposition to what we presently hold. As we acknowledge and are willing to release the old beliefs, we create space energetically for new possibilities and opportunity.

Self Discovery is Life Altering.
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