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Walking Toward the Centre by Gernot Candolini. “If life is a maze, every mistake is an unnecessary detour and a waste of time. If life is a labyrinth, then every mistake is a part of the path and an indispensable master teacher.” People often confuse the two entities as being the same, bur their meanings are significantly different. We see large gardens designed as a maze but they are chaotic in nature with no spiritual meaning.

On the other hand, the labyrinth has one single path leading into the centre and out again. If offers a powerful meditative value as the person sheds what doesn’t serve him or her on the way in, then it provides a centre to pause, reflect and refocus before walking back out with clarity for new beginnings.

Do you live your life in a maze often lost and bumping into dead ends full of frustration and chaos? Is this because you are not clear on the picture of who you truly are? Are you trying to walk a path that follows in others’ footsteps - where the agenda is different and the shoes don’t fit? If so, stop and clean out the spiritual and physical closets full of burdens, including the word should. Start walking a path that is your own, one that brings you pleasure and happiness.

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