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My Wonderful Nightmare

Erin Higgins & Alma Lightbody

Erin finds true purpose as she courageously steps forward to share what she learns from life and consciousness-altering experiences. A diagnosis of ovarian cancer at thirty-one throws Erin’s body into crisis but it becomes a time of enlightenment for her soul. As she faces The Beast head-on she uses her journals as a form of therapy and through the process of fearless self-disclosure her true purpose begins to awaken from within.

Erin is a storyteller and now has the opportunity to help others and teach about her process through journalling. She shares her experiences, treatments, therapy, research, and especially her inner turmoil, with profound honesty. Alma worked closely with Erin as a wellness practitioner for over 2 years and was asked by Erin to compile this book from her journals and pass on her story. Deep gratitude to you, Erin!



Videos of Erin

The videos about Erin below to see were edited from raw footage Erin’s friend, Karyn McGettigan, created as part of her education in journalism, one year after Erin was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The footage was given to me along with Erin’s journals as a basis for the book I was to compile and pass on to others. I often used the footage to transcribe Erin’s words and capture their essence in the sharing of her story but as time went on I realized she was the only one that could truly express her meaning. The creation of YouTube possibilities hit me like a lightening bolt one day and I realized how I could now enlighten the world with Erin’s presence. 

My friend Ronnie Novak edited 4 hours of raw footage into three 8-minute videos that capitvated the very essence of her sparkling being. When Ronnie was asked for a comment about this work he said, “I truly felt Erin’s presence, or some kind of incredible and beautiful energy while assembling this video with you.”

I hope you all feel that presence as Erin shares her insights.

~ Alma



5.0 out of 5 stars Email by Andree Hurl
Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2014
by Andree Hurl
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing awareness into my life as I read "My Wonderful Nightmare" by Erin and yourself. As a mum of a child who had cancer it helped me to heal what I thought I had no right to even be feeling in the first place. How can I possibly think I have the right to feel grief, fear, sadness when my daughter is going through cancer? As a mum you wish more than anything it was you and not your child that got cancer. Reading the book and watching and listening to Erin on the videos helped me to feel the grief that I have been shoving down for two years. My daughter Hayley was diagnosed with non Hodgkins Lymphoma two years ago. She is thankfully cured and is moving on in her life with a totally different view and direction. She is embracing her joy; and her passions as she discovers them. What your book did for me, with the help of Erin, and reading what she was thinking and experience in with her cancer on a daily basis helped me to understand on a deeper level some of what Hayley had to endure. So thank you and thank you to Erin for making this book possible and yes it is, and does help people have a better understanding of what can unfold when dealing with cancer. See the videos on


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