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Sacred Smudging

Smudging  and  cleansing  of  physical  and/or  personal  space  is an  ancient  art  that  has been  used  in ceremony  for thousands of  years.   It  is a symbolic way  of  clearing spirits, entities,   ghosts   or   just  heavy  stale  and   negative  energy  from  buildings   and   spaces. 

Smudging   is  also   used  to   clear  a  participant’s  field   in  many  kinds  of  ceremony  and services.  It cleanses the personal aura before entering sacred space. Tools  used  are:  an  abalone  shell  to  hold  the  ashes  then  a  sage  wand  or   Palo  Santo wood are  lit  on  fire to create smoke.   A  feather is  used to direct  the smoke  around the person,  building  or  area  of  ceremony.  It  is  important  to  be  respectful   and  to  honour Native and Shamanic practices and prayers when using their traditions.  

Sometimes people moving  into a new  home or an older home like to have the building and  surrounding  areas  cleansed and cleared of  questionable energy.  This  was the case with  a  friend  of  mine.    She had  bought  a  house  that  was  built  in  the  1920’s.    It  was  a great  house  with  lots  of  room  and  character  but    -  it  also  carried   a  history  of    some family  deaths    -  and  that  was  a  bit  unsettling  to my  friend.    Due  to her  concern  about the age of the house and the associated deaths she asked me to do a cleansing.

We decided  to  use  sacred  smudging,  candles  and  sound  and to  complete  the cleanse before  any  furniture  was   moved  in.    I  gave  my  friend  and  her  daughter   smudging equipment   to  use and  I  used my crystal bowl.   After about  half  an  hour the 4 year  old granddaughter and her father arrived.   I gave the little girl a  small bell and asked  her to join  in  and  help   us   clear  the  energy.  She  was  very  intent  and  took  her  job  seriously. Then,  from  different  parts  of   the  house,  without  notice,   we  all   stopped   the  work simultaneously and felt a total completion. Within  minutes  the rest  of the  family arrived with all the furniture and it became a happy hub of activity.

A  couple  of  years   later  my   husband  and  I  went   to   their  home  for  a  visit.      The granddaughter,  went  off  to  her  room  for  a  while  then returned with  a  picture  she  had painted for  me.   It  was  a  house with  fairies  waving  in  the windows.   Her  mother  asked her what  it  meant.   The little girl told her, I  was  the lady who  did magic. Now  the fairies wanted to  live there and she wanted to thank me. A beautiful story  about  how  children see and remember things.

To  this  day  it  remains  a  most  happy  home  for  the  family.     We  all  could  benefit  from  a simple  smudging  ceremony  to  cleanse  our  personal   body  and  space. It  is  a  symbolic and  powerful tool to  shed  and release what does not serve us. Learn from it - Through the eyes of a child

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