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Spiritual Balance in Order to Promote Inner Healing

Spiritual Balance in Order to Promote Inner Healing Banner

Despite what it says on the tin can, spiritual balance does not only mean your soul. It encompasses the mind, body, and soul, the three things that comprise your identity, for one cannot exist without the others. Lose one, and we either do not exist on the physical plane, or we become nothing but empty physical husks made of flesh. For this reason, we must maintain the balance between these three aspects of our lives to maintain our sanity and sense of self.

Now, as we go on with our lives, it is not impossible for one part of these aspects of our person or personality to get damaged. Maybe our ego gets bruised, and possibly there will be times that we will suffer physical injury or emotional trauma. The possibilities are endless when we talk about threats towards our personality or even our physical bodies. Sometimes we might need a self-help guide for inner healing. Why inner healing, you ask? Because healing must come from the inside first to find ourselves once again ready to face the general existential threats we have every day. Should we start our recovery from the outside, then there is a huge chance that we only allow ourselves to heal on the surface. As such, we become brittle persons. Ready to fall to the lightest of provocation.

So how do we get about healing our inner selves first? Well, there are plenty of ways each has a bearing on the three aspects of personality. We must maintain balance in healing ourselves, too. Otherwise, we only become weaker versions of ourselves.


Meditation is not only being quiet and staying put. It is also about reflecting on where we are, who we are and why we are put in this world. Through meditation, we let our mind and body rest while enriching our spirit through the insights that come to us. Through meditation, we allow our mind and body to become one. Giving ourselves time to meditate every day can do a lot for our spiritual healing and overall spirituality.
Among this list, meditation might be the easiest to achieve. All you need to do is find a comfortable position, focus on your breathing, and feel the energy circulating in your body. For that brief period of time, allow yourself to be rid of the unnecessary things in life.

Healthy Diet
The value of eating healthily has been drilled into us ever since we were just children. There is a saying that goes, we are what we think and that we are what we eat as well. A healthy diet is one way to take care of our physical body. Should our physical body be well maintained, remember that our mind is basically what runs our body. Therefore, whatever we feed ourselves will have a direct influence on our mood, eat healthy food, and you’ll be in for a healthy mood, or so they say.


Food is not the only thing needed to keep our bodies healthy. Exercise helps us maintain it. Through our exercise, we are able to burn excess and extra fats that our body does not need. If we do proper exercise, then our body will naturally maintain itself. When exercising, it is important not to apply too much effort. Otherwise, we might destroy our bodies in the process.
Another thing about exercise is that it is like meditation. Not only will it be healthy for our body, but our mental health will be boosted as well whenever we hit the gym. Doing regular exercise boosts our body’s endorphins which are also called happy body chemicals. These endorphins then help reduce our stress, improve our sleep, and boosts our immune system.


Be One with Nature
Man was made with nature, and nature was made with man. Despite all the comfort and convenience technology has given us, nature and our own spirituality are still deeply connected. This digital world has us chasing living in a world that is ruled by 1’s, and 0’s that our bodies are in constant danger of forgetting if it was ever real. Our physical bodies are not machines. It also needs a reminder that it is a real thing. Sometimes, we need to disconnect from the virtual world to remind ourselves that we exist in the real world. This process includes connecting with nature, smelling the beautiful flowers, and breathing fresh air.

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